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Flat 20% OFF on First Purchase *Use Code HELLO20
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From the Looms of JOYFAR

Joyfar is a medium size village located in Betasing Block of West Garo Hills district, Meghalaya with total 197 families residing.

JOYFAR weaving SLRD, Living Roots Handmade

In this beautiful scenic and serene village tiny seeds of change have been sowed. The village of JOYFAR houses a weavers facilitation center, under one of the livelihood interventions of School of Livelihood and Rural Development.

India has always been a country which has derived and met its needs largely from nature in the purest form. And this is still largely true in these remote villages of Meghalaya. While it is important to focus on the development of the urban, modern India, we at School of Livelihood and Rural Development feel that the improvement of rural India plays an equally pivotal role on the path towards becoming a thriving nation.

Textiles has always been a major pillar supporting the structure of the rural economy. The weavers and spinners of ethnic India have been weaving magic for centuries. And even with such brilliance reflecting from their work, these artisans have been overshadowed by the fast fashion producers. We believe that given adequate opportunities, these rural artists can paint a magnificent picture on the canvas of the global fashion scene.

Master weaver at work

SLRD has complete faith in these rural weavers and we have pledged to work relentlessly to provide them be contemporary design inputs, best quality raw materials, market linkage, fair and just price for their hard work and respect that their skills and they themselves deserve. We want to create an environment where these weavers and can work without facing the innumerable hardships they face now. We are playing our small part to empower these artists so that when the time comes, they are able to make CHOICES and not SACRIFICES.

Handwoven, Hand embroidered, Handmade by the artists of SLRD

SLRD is providing them with a retail platform through the brand "LivingRoots Handmade"

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